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The online entertainment, as well as the Canadian online casinos that accept PayPal, is one of the favorite ways to spend leisure time for the citizens of this country. There are a lot of PayPal accepted casino Canada places where you can deposit and withdraw money through this payment service, even though this is not accepted or legally authorized on the country level. Still, players will have no trouble with the online casinos that accept PayPal deposits Canada, and that is proof since a lot of people use PayPal online casino Canada gambling houses. The reason lays in the fact that it is a very simple-to-use platform for making payments and PayPal casino list Canada is an extensive one. PayPal casino Canada players prefer this system as it allows fast, reliable and low-fee payment opportunities, and even generous discounts in some gambling houses.

Top PayPal Casinos 2019

The Best Canadian PayPal Casinos

The PayPal casinos Canada generally accept this money-transfer service, though you can find some places that do not encourage players to use it. However, Paypal casino no deposit Canada places allow players to play for a while without making any deposit, and this is one of the things that people simply love to hear! No one wants to spend funds if he has not a chance to try the games and see if he likes the place, gameplay and overall rules/odds. On top of that, the Canadian casinos that accept PayPal often have bonuses that you receive if you connect the gambling account with the account of this payment system. When you want to find a reliable place to gamble, try to find the Canada casinos that accept PayPal that are recognized and approved by some of the gambling authority groups.

This is not only because you want Canadian online casinos that accept PayPal, but also because you want to have a safe place to deposit money and entertain. The gambling industry works by selecting the best places where players can enjoy and online casino Canada PayPal players want nothing else but the safe and regulated place to gamble. This is the basic principle of how the entire gambling industry works, so the Canada online casinos that accept PayPal can only grow in population, as more and more people use it. Though the law does not really comply with it, it is likely that this will be changed in the near future. At the moment, some of PayPal casinos for Canadian players are accepting the system and allow players to enjoy in the gambling.

PayPal Advantages For Canadian Casinos

Canadian PayPal casinos offer a handful of advantages that some other places cannot offer, so players often look for the support of this payment service that they trust. The advantages of online casinos that accept PayPal Canada range from instant payments to the absence of the need to connect this service to other accounts, which is for online Canadia casinos that accept PayPal great advantage. In order to explain this a bit better, we will present a shortlist that contains advantages that attract players to use this method for paying. Below will be the list of PayPal casinos so you could see and choose the most appropriate place for yourself. Online Canadian casinos that accept PayPal allow you to enjoy many things that are not available in some other places, including:

  • Fast and convenient deposits/withdrawals
  • Able to connect almost any credit card
  • No need to register additional accounts
  • Accepted everywhere
  • Accepts all official currencies.

The Canada PayPal casino also offers mobile support that can be crucial and extremely beneficial to some players. It means you can perform all kinds of actions and transactions via your mobile/smart device. Unlike some other systems, this one allows all PayPal online casinos Canada players to finish everything via the mobile devices and enjoy the gambling!

How Does PayPal Work?

It works in a very simple way, as the majority of similar systems do. First of all, you need to register the account and fill it in with the accurate information (if not correct, you will not be able to verify your account and enjoy all the perks) so you could connect it further with other systems. Have in mind that you can choose between personal and business account, and if you intend to use it for gambling, a personal account will be enough. Once you do that, you will need to connect your credit/debit card to the account so you could make all the deposits and withdrawals. All money goes to your account, which you can transfer further to any of your cards (you can add several cards) or bank accounts, depending on how and what you add to your account.

How To Deposit With PayPal?

The process of the deposit is fairly easy, and you can do anything wrong, as long as you understand some basic terms that you will need in order to process the transaction. When comparing to other similar companies, online casinos that accept PayPal deposits are offering customers a straightforward process of depositing and withdrawing money. There are a few things you must have in mind, and you need to take a few steps ahead before start using this system. For example, you must have access to the card’s transaction as you will need to read the four-digit number from the transaction’s statement. Also, make sure you check the type of card, as online real money casinos that accept PayPal deposits Canada work only with Visa and MasterCard cards.
Online casino PayPal deposit Canada is a simple process that you can do on your own, without anyone’s help. First of all, you need to have a bank account/credit/debit card that you will have money on. From there on, you transfer money to the PayPal account you had created previously. The Canada casino PayPal deposit is transferred through the active credit card after you had confirmed your card. The reason why you need to confirm it is that the company wants to know that it is really your credit card and not someone else’s.
Once you confirm the card, the process is the same in all casinos with PayPal deposit support. You log in to online casinos that accept PayPal deposits, select it as the payment method, enter the amount you want, click “done” and wait for PayPal deposit casinos to be completed. All the deposits Canada players make should be completed in less than two minutes, and the best online casino for PayPal deposit Canada will not disappear or simply lose because of poor system implementation.

PayPal Pros And Cons

When speaking about this company, we have to say that it is one of the most reliable companies in the financial world. Of course, there is no such thing as the perfect one, and this service also has some of the setbacks that players do not like. However, this system is truly one of the best ones since there is little paperwork, which we, admit, all hate and do not want to deal with. Online real money casinos that accept PayPal work just fine, and you will never experience any single bad thing, as these are highly reliable and accurate. Below will be one list with pros, and the other (shorter) list with cons that you get with this system.

  • Instant payments
  • Supports all major credit card companies
  • You can access it anytime/anywhere
  • Good customer service
  • Available in 99% of the world


  • Fees may be high sometimes
  • Cannot connect the cards that are connected to other accounts
  • Has a daily withdraw limit
  • You must confirm the card.

When you sum everything up, you can feel free to say that this company really did a lot of work to make it the top. Of course, some things could be improved, but the overall quality is more than good.

Top 3 Canadian PayPal Casinos

Since we wanted to give our players the full confidence, as well as the safety, we have decided to share the best PayPal casinos that the Canadian players can enjoy. The best online casino Canada PayPal places must be recognized, regulated, transparent and impressive in order to attract player’s attention. No one wants to play in a place that is not trusted and not regulated, as you invest money and expect something in return. The process of selection was not that easy, as we had to take into consideration several facts. The facts that we considered were reputation and age, RTP, a selection of games and the overall review of other players who already tried the place.
Of course, these are not the final references that we should follow when looking for the best online PayPal casino. But these served as good signs in determining whether we should present you the places. Feel free to consider any place worth spending time using the mentioned references, as this point out whether the best PayPal casino deserves the title. It is simply not possible to hide the bad experience as players always leave the feedback, so the other ones could know what to expect in the best online casinos real money PayPal Canada places. We will list below the top online casinos PayPal and feel free to choose any of these to have legit and good experience.

Ruby Fortune Casino

This is one of the newest gambling spots where you can enjoy the medieval theme and ancient prophets that award you with the 220% of a sign-up bonus! It offers more than 500 games, with several live games that come from RealTime Gaming company. The place is fully regulated by the Curacao license, ensuring that all transactions, gambling activities, and staying go well and transparent! It features support for mobile devices, as well as 24/7 online chat and email support for all of your issues. All withdrawals, regardless of the payment method, take around 5 to 6 business days before completed.


This is one of the best gambling houses if you are on the hunt for the high-quality PayPal slot games that come from distinguished companies like Microgaming! Since it was established in 2011, the place has been regulated under the license of Kahnawake, accepting different currency and Bitcoin cryptocurrency! The fantastic 3D graphics and smooth animations will make you love Bovada, and you will always return for more, even when you think you have had it enough! The place offers one of the best versions of live roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat games for all true and hardcore gambling players!

Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot City was launched in 2014 after receiving the Curacao gambling license and since then has been expanding its availability! At the moment, you can enjoy this place on Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Mac, Windows and Samsung devices! When it comes to bonuses, there is no place that offers bonuses on the first 6 deposits! From 3D video poker and classic table games to special games and progressive jackpots like Aztecs Millions and Shopping Spree adventures. It offers a wide range of available payment methods, as well as reliable Microgaming software that is known for its fair play and transparency!

Mobile Casinos That Accept PayPal In Canada

PayPal casino mobile Canada players can enjoy them in fantastic and smooth gameplay without the need to send money through bank, which is the worst method you can use. Instead, players can opt for PayPal payments that can be made through mobile apps and cut down the time for inconvenient activities and financial tools. All three we mentioned above do offer this comfort to enable players fast and reliable payments with just several clicks and taps of the mobile screen. Just set up your accounts, connect them with one click and transfer money to enjoy the gambling adventures for real money!

Canadian Live Casinos With PayPal

The live PayPal casino Canada games are offering an authentic and genuine feeling of the brick-and-mortar atmosphere from the comfort of your home. There is no need to go and wait in the line to get your chips – just make a few clicks on your PC/laptop/mobile device and start the adventure! You can deposit real money and interact with the real dealer via camera! You can talk to a dealer, give a compliment if a beautiful woman spins the wheel to get some luck for your adventure. Make sure you only ensure the reliable internet connection so you could enjoy in the flawless and genuine gambling!


Among all casinos that accept PayPal, which one will you choose? This is a hard question to explain, as PayPal casino list is a long one and you cannot simply make a decision, just because of the text that we had written. Of course, each online casino accepts PayPal Canada but not each one is just for you, as we all have our own preferences. For this reason, we encourage people to try out different casino online Canada PayPal places to find the best one for themselves. Still, always look for a place that supports this system, as it makes everything easier for you, especially when it comes to payments.
All the PayPal casinos give the advantage to players as they want a quick and reliable transaction that they do not wait for too long. Unlike other methods, the PayPal casino carries out your transaction almost instantly, so you do not lose any time for gambling. Apart from this, online casino PayPal Canada players are able to enjoy mobile support, so they do not need to carry around their laptop to gamble. People simply want the best from technology, and PayPal is definitely one of the best technology perks when it comes to online gambling!

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